Reflexion Has a New Angle on the Traditional Brick Buster

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

reflexion iphone appTrileet’s Reflexion takes a hard run at breaking the durable and tested mold that surrounds the familiar brick or block buster game.

What makes Reflexion standout is that it gives you the option of using your finger to draw a paddle and move it anywhere and at any angle you like. You can, for example, position your paddle to cut off sections of the playing field and quickly destroy all the bricks in that one area. You also can play upside down and sideways. If that’s hard to visualize, take a look at the Reflexion YouTube video that follows.

Having the ability to move and adjust your paddle is certainly unique and it adds a new dimension of playability of a well-worn genre. On some levels it makes game play far too easy. On other levels, keeping the ball in play requires quick thinking and very fast reflexes. If you play the net, as you would in tennis, you can do a lot of damage, but you also risk a ball whizzing at you faster than you can react.

Your options are to play in arcade and puzzle modes. Both modes play the same way. The difference is that in arcade mode, you have 50 levels to defeat and in puzzle mode, you can choose one of 13 patterns to go against with fewer chances to lose balls.

Reflexion has the usual power ups and downs to change the paddle’s length, launch additional balls and so on. One other twist: Shaking your iPhone or iPod touch puts your ball into slow motion, enabling you to get out of tough situations.

I did not encounter glitches or other weirdness in Reflexion. However, Trileet says in its app description that there are stability issues with the iPod touch version and they’re working on it.

Reflexion’s graphics, sound effects and physics are outstanding for a block buster. If you like the genre, it doesn’t get much better than this for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Trileet Inc

    AppCraver just reviewed Reflexion and gives it a 9/10. Check it out!

  • Nic

    Just a quick note that there are 25 puzzles levels (13 pages of puzzles, 25 total puzzles). :)