Reign of Swords - Tactics and Strategy

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

reign of swords map- iphone appsReign of Swords by US/Asian game developer Punch Entertainment is a complex turn-based strategy battle game with multiplayer functionality. Reign of Swords is similar to a tabletop war game with its extensive rules and figures.

The context is a medieval civil war with European-looking backgrounds, in which the player is an imperial loyalist fighting rebel nobles. The different boards have different terrains of fields, forests, rivers, castles etc., allowing for refined strategies for offense and defense. The design of the different levels or missions is exceptional, creating increasing difficulty as the player's experience builds.

While the online multiplayer functionality is great in the first place, the game here is very different. Each player sets up their army and deploys units into battle groups with basic orders. Then the multiplayer takes over, making it possible to deal with dropped connections. This is fun to play as well but the tactical aspect of the game gets lost in comparison to the single-player version.

The only real drawback to Reign of Swords is its performance on the iPhone. The touch screen does not work too well when navigating around maps and repeated touches are often needed. Still Reign of Swords is a great game and anyone who likes strategy games or military simulations will enjoy Reign of Swords immensely.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Wicked Fun

    Can you go wrong with this game? In a word - No! This game has the best graphics, the most engaging and deep game play of any game on the iPhone. Get it today!

  • stanfritz

    Great Game. Recommend it

  • Erin

    An online game you play over the phone? Isn't that incredibly expensive? Doesn't it suck up talk minutes like a black hole gobbling up dark nebulas? I can see why a service provider would want people to play such, but why would the people want to play? I'm curious, as I have not gotten my iphone yet, but will soon.

  • TheRealGomez

    Erin: It doesn't actually suck up your minutes, it uses the internet which is part of the unlimited data plan. So users playing this game would only have to purchase the game itself.

  • Neal H

    Thank God for that plan otherwise it would be pretty costly!

  • Jonathan

    Very addictive game. Purely combat, no resource management. Wide variety of unit types, and upgrades. Point based deployment in online battles allows wide variety of strategies. AI controls battle in online 2 player combat with general strategies being created before-hand. Overhead view. Very happy I bought it, would have paid more. Been playing RPGs since Wizardry around 1985 so I've seen many, and this is one of the really good ones. Highly recommended if you like turn based RPGs.

  • Mike

    i just recently got this game, and erin, your quite stupid if you think applications take up minutes on a phone, its an add on, i play reign of swords on my ipod touch, how would it suck minutes then?

    and besides. reign of swords is one application i play almost every day, i have wireless at home, so if im home i just check my online battles. also if anyone has strat to beat the 3rd lvl on aguilleon id appreciate it. i cant beat it lol.

    the name on reign is Asperatis aquitani add me for battles

  • Ben

    I just beat the last level at aguilleon, but i can't tell if there's anything beyond that - maybe the game hasn't updated itself. anyway, my strategy for beating it was as many charging units as you can get (griffin best, but need hero for protection). i also bought a cannon and two trebuchets cuz the carrone legion blows (they don't shoot more than once at the cannons/musketeers/other ranged attacks). 2 priests to heal the griffins cycling over the east/west to kill the ranged attackers. don't get tempted to put griffins into the houses on the sides - footmen and ranged attacks will slaughter them. clear the back to allow for the 16 swordsmen over the first two turns, and if you still have points, get some horsebowmen. took me about 5 tries. Don't waste your swordsmen on the great swordsmen and pikemen in the middle. at that point, your griffins should have done enough damage on the side ranged attackers that you can line up and charge with your griffins and hero. use some of the swordsmen just to keep them in line though and as protection for the chargers.

  • Bahadur

    It's better if you have about three Heros in the front to charge and damage the pikeman and hero near the castle gate, and have about 2 priests to protect from cannon and musketeers,2 shamans to enerzize them and few lots of rangers and other troops. Make sure you raid the castle first killing anyone and shoot the ones near the gate. Your Heros will die and troops as well but entering the castle will make it easier to sweep those musketeers and cannon easier and get major victory. Yes is there any territory after this? Should be according to map but can't get into other territory or we need boat

  • Zach

    I'm stuck on the first level of aguilleon. I've tried it at least 20 times using all sorts of different varieties of troops but I just can't seem to beat it. With swords and knights I managed to kill everything except for a few griffens, but I'm finding that by the time I get rid of the cannons I'm almost dead or am dead. (I've also tried druids and griffens to avoid the cannons and almost won, but nothing is working completely.)

  • Johnny

    Yeah, ive tried the first level at least over four thousand times, using EVERY stragedy known to man,b ut I cant beat it.

    Ive looked up walkthroughs, but here is none. Please help!

  • Zach

    hey i beat it a while ago... use 2 or 3 priests, as many cannons as you can, then pikes and halberds - pike walls will weaken griffens and halberds will finish them. constantly use the priests to heal your cannons and others if the are at full health. stuck on the 2nd level now haha

  • benjamin

    for the first aguilleonlevel just spend all your money on infantry, make them all swordsmen and halberdiers and then one priest. after that surround the carrone legion and protect it until almost all of the guardians inside the gate are destroyed and the griffons stop coming. use your priest to do the retribution prayer the whole time. it should be easy after that.

  • linan199184

    I found it impossible to go through the last level at aguilleon. Every time I charged to the main gate, those greatswords man stuck in front of the gate while those ranged units on both sides slaughtered me. Any one have any idea about this?(I've tried druids before, no use).

  • tngemstrmd

    the best way to beat aguillen lvl 3 is to fill the back two rows with druids, and take out flank half of them left and the other half right, and then the rest doesnt really matter... so easy to beat with druids...

  • Anonymous

    Hunewold 2 is destroying me. I try using wizards shamans preists and militiamen and foot soldiers all together and maybe a Druid. I have tried tons of times. I can't get it to work. Heeeeeeeeeelp!

  • Mateybb

    dudess the first lvl is sooo easy i have dun all but todays norway and the finland or sumin like that but i is stuck on number 1 norway so pls heeeeeeeelppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    on hunewold 2 use archers and muskets then put malitia men and swords on the wall defend the fortress until u have killed there shamans and druids then circle around there troops and kill the rest of there soldiers

  • Albert

    On aguillion 3 I was so close until my Druids died. I used 4 Druids

  • James

    please could someone tell me how to get onto the the other countries after aguillion have completed the game so far but the other countries arent there. do they exist? and if they do how do i get on to them? or do you have to have a bigger army or something. please could someone help me :)

    thanks alot

    everybody seems to be getting stuck on aguillion i admit it is quite hard but the way to do it is to have 4 drudis and 4 griffin riders and 1 hero (well thats how i did it) and if it doesnt work just make small changes in your army dont do any really big changes or your back to square 1

    :) have fun playing

  • empress g barrius

    hey dude stuck on norway im n norway now looooooooooooooooool anyways to beat the third lvl on norway use grtswordsmen and swrdsmn on east and north. use archers aswell aybe a wizard if u got enough points i got down to 10 rangers from tham and four gtswordsmen plus an archer for me i then stuck on houses till health high then attacked and came back etc my archer ended up killin 4 he was good there!!!!!!
    add me if u wanna fight my name is above
    (empress g barrius)

  • empress g barrius

    oh and dude the countries u want are in an update

  • Jezza

    Anyone done hunewold lvl 2 ive tried like a gazillion times but thers just to many of them and their rangers keep pickin at u. Useful info or strategy wud be appreciated (:

  • Gabiloel

    To bet Hunewold 2, i used some rangers at the area that is protect from meeles (northeast) and but swordmans at north walls and pikes/greatswords at east, i put a cannon to blow the rangers and 2 priests to heal/aid the troops against the rangers. Finally, i spent the rest of points in varied infantry to round with the ones wich are in the walls....
    Now i need help for Hunewold 3...

  • Paul

    For hunewold 3 use 2 musketeers, 2 priests for healing and using shield(shield helps a lot), also take as many pikeman, halberdeers and swordsmen as u can. Put all the infantry on the walls or near them and rotate infantry on and off the wall. Place the 1st musketeer in the northeastern house to the left a priest then the other musketeer and then the second priest to his left. U are on the defensive use the muskeeters to kill the rangers and the priest to use heal and shield. Keep all ur infantry in the fort or close if u need to go out for a quick flank attack. The walls combined with the priest shield ability provide an amazing defense bonus. Leave the fort when only rangers are left or stay and shoot them

  • David

    Addicting, does not suck up minutes, but it does suck up energy (my energy, and the power bar in ipod/iphone ;p)

    Don't buy more than 10 of each and every unit!!! It will ruin the fun of playing...

  • Radament

    Alright guys, I need a little help. My army currently consists of: 1 greatswordsmen, 2 swordsmen, 1 halberdier, 3 pikemen, 3 footmen, 5 militiamen, 1 hero, 2 knights, 1 horse bowman, 2 cavalry, 3 musketeers, 1 crossbowman, one archer, 2 cannons, 1 trebuchet, and one catapult. I also have 2 lore upgrades I have not yet used. Using that army, or an army that i can make by upgrading this army, tell me how I can beat bordavia 3, sangosleil 1, and aguilleon 1. And to those of you who say, "just get a priest" I say, well I can't, because I don't know where the heck I'm supposed to get spirit upgrades. Please help!!!

  • Radament

    By the way, I'm radament ceowulf. Add me if you want to battle sometime.

  • Oliver

    I'm stuck on aguilleon 2
    Help me plzzzzz

  • Radament

    Got new problems now. My army is vastly expanded, but I can't seem to get aguilleon 2 or hunewold 1. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • ultitiger


  • Oliver

    Do any of u ppl have reign of swords episode 2 for the iPod touch

  • sterke lul

    I have reign of swords episode 2 for the iPod touch and I buy it for € 2,40
    the begin is easy but i have all levels done exept the last it is realy impossible!!!!
    and some1 can tell me exectly what i must but by aguilleon 3 in episode 1??
    and exectly what i must buy by huneworld 1...

    Have fun :D

  • Oliver

    Yeah I can't beat the arena level. It's imposibble!!!!!

  • robert

    I really need help on huneworld 1. i have tried it about 50 times and i cannot beat it. their druids turn into eagles and annihilate my musketeers and kill me.

  • ZacariasW

    For hunewold 1 I dont remember exactly but I'm pretty sure I just used lots of swords, pikes, and archers.

  • Tlerkato meroveous

    For hunewold 1 use cannons not musketeers and protect them with pikemen and heal with a priest put great swordsman by the bridge

    for aguilleon 2 just circle the treebuckets with pikemen and militiamen and have a few gryfyns too

    for the arena level in reign of swords 2 keep your hero at full strength and your warrior guys strong untill the blood gorgers come use charge and frenzy as much as possible on them

    I need help on aguilleon 3 and hunewold 2

  • Kodsi Moroveous

    I need help on Hunewold 3 and Aguilleon 1, please tell me what units to use and I'll work it out. In game name is Kodsi Moroveous, 2nd in 4 of the countries and 8th overall, add me if you want to fight.

  • Marrathon Marius

    omg finally beat aguilleon 3, that map made me want to cry . . . never again

  • Gordon

    Guys use a lot of swordsmen for Hunewold, they're durable and strong against the militia and footmen, if they're about to die, then switch them out with healthier swordsmen and heal them in the castle. Make sure when u place ur swordsmen in the castle there are swordsmen behind them to back them up. And im stuck on Aguilleon 3... Literally tried everything... I have 250 militia 132 footmen 86 swordsmen 87 halberdiers 76 pikemen 125 greatswords men 114 raiders 108 cavalry 111 horse bowmen 87 knights 77 griffon riders 82 heroes 123 archers 114 crossbowmen 81 musketeers 76 rangers 51 catapults 41 trebuchets 39 cannons 49 shamans 44 priests 64 druids and 57 wizards... no joke, not even showing off, but i need help...DESPERATELY!!!!!!

  • Michael

    How do you beat arena of despair level

  • Will

    I love this game!!! I would spend hours playing it but right now i'm stuck on aguilleon 2 and Huneworld 1. Is there a specific strategy i should use? What types of units do i need?

    Also is reign o swords 2 worth buying?

  • Arcangel

    Hunewold 3 requires many wizards a catapult to lure the enemy
    militiamen as pawns swordsmen to defend the towers of the walls and backup swordsmen kill off the druids then the shamans then the slow foot soldiers
    the rangers should have rock flung at them throughout the game when your not busy holding the walls

  • Eagles

    For both of the hunewold missions, put pikes, swords and halberds on the fortress wall and DO NOT move them out of the fort until most of the units are dead. Have archers and muskets scattered in the fort. I used 6-7. Have them attack rangers Druids shamans in that order. Throw in one priest to heal any unit and then use your remaining points on more halberds and swords. Make sure to cycle your units and use the houses, and these two should be a breeze

  • Un named

    How do you beat the arena of despair in reign of swords 2????? Please help I've been stuck on it for sooo long and can't continue my campaign

  • JimmyTheMoney

    Ok so I used to play this game and loved it but for some reason, when I try to play now (i got a new iPhone and had to restart) I cant leave Carrone. I did the tutorials like a million times each, but I cant get into other places. I also did the campaign in Carrone. I actually did the campaign before the tutorials. Could that account for my problem. Please help.

  • varius

    I tried various strategies, and the one that worked out was camping,literally. I camped in the woods with cannons,trebuchets and catapults, and defended them with swordsman and pike men. It wasnt an enormous victory, i had only half of my army remaining, but it finished my frustration with hunewold 1