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Developer: Eric James
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Relax HD iPhone appHave you ever watched a burning log video? For budget-conscious iPhone users, the infinite burning log might be more effective at soothing frazzled nerves than Relax.

Relax whisks users away to one of five nature scenes for five minutes with a music loop. While Relax starts with good intentions, its novelty wears off quickly. Our chief gripe is price, which feels over the top at 2.99. Users have a limited amount of scenes to choose from and don't have the option of deleting scenes they don't like.

However, it must be said, that Relax users won't be disappointed with the appearance or sound of the app. The scenes are visually impressive. All of them were shot in high definition and the audio was recorded in HD too. Of course with HD quality another problem arises — Relax is a huge file weighing in at 179MB! Be sure to download this over a strong wi-fi connection.

If you're watching your pennies and if HD quality isn't a deal-breaker, then there are several other relaxation programs that are a better bargain. Try Ambiance, iDaydream or Custom Sounds of Nature.

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