Relix Is Easy to Learn but Can Be Hard to Beat

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relix-arcade-game-iphoneMark Mengelt’s Relix is one of those “easy to play, lifetime to master” kinds of match-up games that keep you engaged for hours on end. The objective is to clear game tiles from each level—there are 50 in all—by strategically moving them around the board to match up two or more tiles. It’s all about thinking logically rather than thinking fast with your finger, you might say.

Like most match-two and even match-three games, there’s a variety of obstacles, such as tiles that crumble, and helpful tiles and power ups such as elevators, teleporters, gates and other bennies.

Relix requires almost no uptime to learn, although there is a tutorial if you need it. Tap the tile you want to move to highlight it and then slide it in the direction you want it to go. You can stack tiles, drop from one level to another and more.

Each level you complete earns you a star. It’s no surprise that each level gets progressively harder as you work your way through a cavern. If you find the going too tough, you can quit the level you’re working on, move to another, and then go back to the tough level to try again.

One other option, is that you can choose to shake your phone or iPod touch to restart a level.

I like Relix’s graphics, which are polished and tie in well with idea that you’ve entered cave to begin your  treasure hunt. The background music and sound FX are unobtrusive and give the game just the right bit of atmosphere. If you prefer, you have the option of listening to your own music while you play by turning of music in the options menu.

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  • Ryan Wade

    Sweet ... cool game!

  • Ken

    Made it to level 50, but can not solve it! Wow!