Remelody: A Well Linked, Well Designed Musical Memory Game

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remelody iphoneRemelody is a music-based memory game created by Timothy Roseborough and released by MyNuMo.

Played on a grid of colorful squares, Remelody is simple and easy to master. Basically, a square is highlighted for you to tap. Once you've tapped the first square, that same square will be highlighted followed by another square. Again, you should mimic the events by tapping the first and then the second squares accordingly. From there a sequence builds and you have to remember an increasing number of squares, tapping them in the right order before you can move on to the next level.

There are a few options available in Remelody to customize your game play. You can turn the sound on or off, and you can also hit a button that will save this selection for future games. This feature is very helpful since, despite what the name of the game would have you believe, the sequence of tones created tends to be a bit cacophonous. You can also modify the level of difficulty from Easy, to Medium or Hard, which will respectively decrease the amount of time you have to input your end of the sequence.

Though it has little to do with the game itself, Remelody does provide a cleverly designed menu page that looks more like the home page on a website than anything else. Like a web-page too, most of the options available here will take you online. There is a creative element to making your selection here as you have to drag your choice under the "limelight" that is shining on a cute little anime character singing karaoke. Unfortunately, while it is easy to make your selection and get to your desired web-page, you are forced to re-open Remelody to get back to the game, which can get a bit tedious when every option takes you online.

As a game, Remelody can be a bit repetitive but then again we must keep in mind that after all that is the very nature of a memory game. Remelody does offer professional grade graphics and a thoughtfully designed layout for a price well below what you would expect.

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