Remind Me Again Why I Need this App


RemindMe, from Smudge Apps, is a one-trick pony and you'll probably think the trick is either pretty neat or just goofy.

RemindMe enables you to create a Post-it-Note with a reminder such as "Pick up the milk," or perhaps an inspiring message such "Every day I get better in every way." Whatever you want. The app features different styles of notes and backgrounds, which you can randomly choose.

To see your note, you must remember to launch the app, which you might  forget to do, so Smudge has made it possible for you to set the message as a wallpaper. An image of the note is saved to your camera roll, and from there you can use set it as wallpaper.

The app does what it does. Unfortunately, so do a lot of other apps--and they have more tricks than this pony and they're free.

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