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removem paidThe reMovem iPhone app by is a puzzle type game that requires you to match up balls of like colors and then tap the screen to remove them. The more you can match up and move at one time the more valuable the score.

Recently I wrote a review of Gemmed Lite in which I stated, I previously played similar match-three games on other phones. I played those games to death and frankly became burned out with these types of puzzle games.

When I saw reMovem I immediately realized this was the iPhone version of Bubble Breaker, the aforementioned previously played game. So I figured I’d give reMovem a try and probably delete it in a week or two.

Much to my surprise has really done a great job with reMovem. The object of the game remains the same. You have multiple colored balls on your screen and you attempt to remove large clusters of like colors. The larger the cluster the better.

Like the other, reMovem for the iPhone gives you the option of four styles of play. With reMovem you get Basic (tap once to select blocks of two or more balls of the same color, tap again to remove them), Nonstop (same as basic, but empty columns are constantly filled), Slide (like basic but balls also slide to the right to fill empty spaces), and Combo (Basic + Nonstop + Slide).

What makes reMovem so much better is apparent from the start.  The graphics are a phenomenal improvement over the others. The size of the screen allows the balls to be larger and much easier to play. And the pace of the game is remarkably faster. (This is probably due to the size of the screen).

I enjoyed reMovem entirely better than the ones I got burned out on in the past. Don’t let your friends or kids see this one on your iPhone. This is a game that most anyone of any age can enjoy and play for hours on end.

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