reMovem - Bejeweled Revisited


Think “Bejeweled” on Ritalin.

reMovem is just kind the same sort of thing as bejeweled with less action, graphics, motion and fun.

The goal of reMovem is to tap on dots that are of the same color and touching. After you tap on the dots, they are removed from the board and points are earned. The remaining dots don’t “cascade” downward to fill the empty spaces quite as nicely as in Bejeweled.

When the dots fall down, they can form additional rows. Unlike in Bejeweled, these rows are not automatically pulled off of the board for extra points. Instead, you have to see that the new rows have formed and subsequently tap the screen again to remove them. Players also cannot switch any two gems on the board, like in Bejeweled.

Everything about this game is somewhat lax compared to Bejeweled. I mean, it is still a classic kind of game, and actually makes you think a little more than Bejeweled. But, then again, who wants to think when they are hiding out in the bathroom stall at work playing video games on their iPhone?

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  • Stacy Bono

    Can I get reMovem downloaded on to my computer?