Ready, Aim, Fire 25 Shots in a Row

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replaycam 25shot iphoneIf you're one of those people hungering to take video on your iPhone, Tomohiko Okita's ReplayCam 25shot! is about as close as you're going to get, at least not without jailbreaking your phone. What ReplayCam 25shot! will do is take a rapid succession of up to 25 images at predetermined intervals and play them back rapidly one at a time. It's like a video in concept but not in practice.

First tap the Prefs! icon on the menu bar running along the bottom of the screen on the launch screen.

There, your options are to set your camera shutter to trigger at intervals of 0.1 to 3.0 seconds; set the number of pictures to take, from 5 to 25 (default is 15); and to turn the shutter's snapping sound on or off. Tap the done button, go back to the launch screen and you'll be set up to shoot.

Tap the camera icon on the menu bar, tap the Take Photo, and ReplayCam 25shot! will rapidly fire off a number of images in the predetermined amount of time. The images will be stored in your Camera Roll.

The first time I used ReplayCam and went to my Camera Roll, I expected to see a sequences of photos that I could flip through and save the ones that I liked most. What I found instead, was a single 1,600-by-2,000 pixel image containing 25 images, each 320-by-400 aligned in a grid.

So, back to the app I go, and this time, I tap the camera icon followed by the Choose the Existing Photo button. Back to the Camera Roll I go again, and I select the single image with the sequence of images I just took and then it's back to the app. I'm making it sound more complicated than it really is. Switching back and forth as you probably know may involve a few steps but it's quick regardless.

This time, I have the option of running through the images in a rapid slide show mode or manually cycling through them (forward and back). The result in playback mode is more like a flip book or a series of animation cells than a video. You can also pause an image.

I had hoped I would have the option of emailing a short clip of images, or selecting one or two pictures to keep and discarding the rest, but there's no easy way to do that with ReplayCam 25shot. My options are to either do a screen capture, import the grid into an image editing app and cropping the photos I'd like to keep, or creating an animated sequence in Flash or some other app.

ReplayCam crashed a couple of times when I attempted to take 25 images 0.1 intervals.

Despite its shortcomings, I found ReplayCam 25shot! entertaining. I plan to experiment with it a bit more to discover the Andy Warhol within, if there is one.

Here's a YouTube video of ReplayCam 25shot! in action:

Image Gallery:

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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