Retro - Cave Flyer is an Old Concept With Modern Execution


retro cave flyer iphoneRetro - Cave Flyer, from Big Head Games, is indeed a retro concept and a game for cave dwellers, as the name clearly says. Successfully steer your space ship through a cave, rescue your comrades and avoid a variety of dangers capable of blowing you to kingdom come.

It's the now-ancient, Lunar Lander kind of game that every gamer (arcade and home console) has seen before. You either like them or you don't. Personally, I'm starting to get tired of them.

I've looked at a lot of these games in the App Store and the one I liked quite a bit was ngmoco's Dropship. It too has an old-time arcade look and feel. I prefer that one to this one too.

Of course, what makes Retro - Cave Flyer and its ilk so interesting on the iPhone and iPod touch is that you have the option of using motion control to get around.

Cave Flyer has nice graphics, which are rendered well and not as retro as you might think. It's the concept that's old fashioned — not the execution, which is well done. I think maneuvering the ship could be a bit more responsive but that may have more to do with my usual impatience with floating around in zero gravity.

Retro - Cave Flyer is only $0.99, and with 23 levels to play, you'll be getting a lot of game for pocket change.

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