Retro Decathlon 2012 is a Charming Olympic-Themed Game With Throwback Graphics

Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us! (AppStore Link)
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Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us!
Developer: CINEMAX, s.r.o.
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Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us! If you weren’t able to get enough of the 2012 London Olympic games, and suddenly you feel a track and field void in your life, then do not worry because Appcraver has just the app for you, ‘Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us!

Retro Decathlon 2012 is a well designed and fun iOS sports game that has the user compete in the Decathlon. The game has 10 events: 100 meter sprint, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meter run, 110 meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw and the 1500 meter run. You can compete in the 10 events as a whole or just play each individual event as you please.

The charm of Retro Decathlon 2012 is its throwback graphics that remind you of a first generation Nintendo game. Every time I played the game I felt a sense of nostalgia and really enjoyed using the app.

Retro Decathlon 2012 is also easy to use. Your fingers are the controller, and all you really have to do is press two buttons on your iOS device. But just because the game is easy to use does not mean it is not challenging. 

Retro Decathlon 2012 is an app with excellent game play that can be used over and over again, because the only thing challenging you is yourself.  Each event keeps high scores and fastest times, so the game play can almost be endless as you try and lower your times for each event. Retro Decathlon 2012 also has an online leader board where you can compare high scores with the rest of the world. But be warned; only the best scores will make it onto the leader board so you might need to practice before you go searching for a Gold Medal.

Every event in Retro Decathlon 2012 is fun to play but my favorites were the sprinting events. The 100 meter sprint and the 400 meter run were the most addictive and action packed events in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I watched too much Usain Bolt over the last few weeks, but I could not stop playing those two events.

Overall I liked Retro Decathlon 2012. It has similarities to the previously reviewed London 2012. What I really enjoyed was the easy to use game play and old school graphics that took me back to the early 90’s. Retro Decathlon 2012 is not a ground breaking iOS game, but it is fun and entertaining. I would recommend it to any Sports game lovers.

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