In Review -- The Week Ending Fri Sept 26


This week the iPhone's spotlight was dimmed by the extraordinary events in the financial sector and by the (somewhat lukewarm) unveiling of Google Android. Still there are a number of things worth recapping:

First, the iPhone growth remains unabated. According to Techcrunch there are now approximately 14 million iPhones in the wild.

Second, the apps keep coming. This week saw the launch of PowerKeys, a nifty new way to control your desktop remotely from the iPhone, iKoto, a wonderful Japanese Harp simulator, and TakeMeToMy car, a free app for helping you remember where you parked.

In the games department, over a hundred new apps were released, making it easily the fastest growing category. We particularily liked Missile Command, a new take on the classic Atari Arcade Game and Flick Bowling, by FreeVerse, a fun Bowling game.

Finally, we would like to point out the closure of the "Ad Hoc" loophole way of distributing gray market apps. It appears Apple is still very much in control of what gets out. Also, worth noting is the new "Loopt Mix" social networking feature of the local networking site Loopt. Its free, and it just might take off.

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  • Josh H

    I'm glad you guys at AppCraver post these recaps, it makes it much easier for me to see what I have missed. It goes without saying I trust your expert advice.