In Review - The Week Ending Friday Sept 12


The last week was one of the busiest ever for the iPhone and iPhone Apps. Of course the centerpiece was the "Lets Rock" Apple Special Keynote on Tuesday — and the release (finally) of iTunes 8 — with the new "genius mode" — and iPhone Firmware 2.1, which solves many of the bug and speed issues that have plagued the phone since its launch on July 7.

At the Keynote two very impressive new games were introduced, showing the true capabilities of the iPhone platform. The first was the widely anticipated "Spore Origins" game from EA, which is based on the even more comprehensive PC and Mac game, Spore. The other was the new soccer game, "Real Soccer 09" from GameLoft. Both are some of the most amazing apps we have ever seen.

Other developments was the ascent of "Scramboni" on the list of top Free Apps. We believe that the multi-player format for the Scramboni game contest will spawn many interesting new apps. Other interesting new apps include PocketGuitar, an app which quite literally turns your iPhone into a guitar of sorts, and LED Football, a retro version of the old hand held football game.

We don't like to pick on the bad apps (there are obviously so many), but we weren't impressed with Yahoo's social networking app, "One Connect". We also don't understand the interest in using the iPhone as a file storage device, and yawned at the release of Air Storage, which other blogs applauded.

Going forward we plan to come out with a weekly roundup on Saturday or Sunday of all the new and interesting apps — and breaking news — for that week. If you have any suggestions on an app or a story to include, please use the contact link to get to us. Thanks!

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