Rick Rocketson Brings Old-School Platformer into Modern Times


rick rocketson iphoneRick Rocketson Pro, our hero in the similarly named game from Liquid Air Lab, was trekking home one day or night (in space it's hard to tell) at warp speed when a band of marauding space  pirates shot him down.

Now, our stalwart protagonist must save the universe from the meanies by blasting them and green space critters using an arsenal of grenades and his trusty laser blaster.

He also has to avoid a variety of hazards that will prevent him from completing his mission. Along his journey, he has the opportunity to resupply his ammunition, maintain his overall health.

Yep, its the familiar retro-platform game à la Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Use your left thumb to move back and forth and the right thumb to jump. Tap the G button to toss a grenade; tap the S button to shoot.

Rick Rocketson plays well and it's responsive. It's easy to get inside Rick Rocketson's head, if you know what I mean. The graphics are surprisingly quite good, given the iPhone and iPod touch's limitations. You can play in portrait or landscape modes, which is handy.

The Rick Rocketson Pro version, which is $1.99, has 14 levels. If you like old-school platformers, give Ricky a run for the money. There's a free lite version that has five levels, if you prefer to try before you buy.

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