Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos

Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos (AppStore Link)
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Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos
Developer: Dan Kim
Price: free Download on the App Store

As evidenced by the number of views of many viral videos, checking out user-created videos on YouTube is a favorite pastime of millions of people. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in browsing YouTube videos, there are apps for that. In fact, checking out apps that help users find interesting and entertaining quality videos is part of what we do – and compared to the guy who has to clean out the cobra pit at the zoo, our job is easy. Incidentally, a guy cleaning out the cobra pit can be seen on YouTube and was discovered using Ricochet.

Ricochet: YouTube’s Best Handpicked Videos is an app that weeds through the plethora of videos uploaded to YouTube and neatly categorizes them by subject. Designed to allow users to spend more time watching videos than searching for good ones, Ricochet does a good job. Users aren’t inundated with boring, poor quality videos because the collection is primarily pre-selected. While I’ve no idea what the criteria is for videos to make it to the Ricochet list, it certainly seems to populate a better home page collection than YouTube by itself.

There is both a paid and free version of Ricochet Videos available. The free version is for iPhone users only. iPad users will want to upgrade to the paid version which is a universal app and compatible with all iOS devices. Users will also be pleased to know that the iPad version is designed for larger screen viewing and provides landscape viewing — as opposed to the free app's portrait-only mode.

Even though the "handpicked YouTube videos" are the same in both apps, there are a few extras which make the Ricochet Videos upgrade worth paying for. The free version is ad supported and doesn’t provide a browse by category feature, which is one of the better features and is nice if you have video preferences or interests. The paid apps also has an instant search function and push notifications so you can be the first to know when another YouTube meme starts streaming down the pipeline. Both apps offer a “favorites” button for personal bookmarking as well as the ability to share videos with others over social networks. All features are built into the app for quick, easy use.

Whether you choose the free or paid version, Ricochet: YouTube's Best handpicked Videos makes quick work of finding and viewing videos of interest. If your strapped for app cash, try the free version, which seems to perform optimally on most iPhone and iPod Touch versions – at the least ones tested for this purpose. Opt for the paid version if you want to eliminate ads and have the category feature. The app is optimized for iPhone 3GS or later and may not launch or function properly on earlier models.

Want to get a hint of what the editors at Ricochet are picking as the best videos on YouTube? You can head over to the Ricochet YouTube Channel or visit blog on their website where they post a few of their current favorites.

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