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Ringtone Director Pro
Developer: No Tie, LLC
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It is perhaps the most iconic part of our cellphone. The ringtone is at the very foundation of how we express our mobile self. In a meeting, on the train, or in the bathroom, if your first impression is a pair of marimbas perhaps it's time to rethink your ringtone. For folks ready to experiment with self-expression, Ringtone Director Pro is a simple way to create voice-generated ringtones for your iPhone.

While some people like instrumentals, and others enjoy their music, there's a niche of people out there who want their ringtones to talk when they have a call incoming. Perhaps it's something modest like "Please answer the phone Josh!" Or, with a bit more pep in your step, "Get the phone now!" You can go as far as you want, insulting yourself (and others), "Pick up the *$!n' phone A$$hole!"

Ringtone Director Pro can do it all by combining any of the dozens of voices and sound effects at your disposal to create your unique and iconic ringtone. In reality, Ringtone Director Pro is actually not an app in its own right. It's more of a front-end to No-Tie LLC's website, RINGTON.ES, where your ringtones are automatically stored and shareable to the masses.  

With Ringtone Director Pro you actually set the stage for your ringtone creation: you choose the voice actor, write the script for it, and can include a special effect if that's what floats your boat too. Once you click the "ACTION" button on the lower right hand corner of the screen, the app will go to work and connect to RINGTON.ES, where your ringtone will be generated by No Tie's servers, and uploaded to the site, where you can access it with a custom ID you create in the app.

Once you have downloaded your ringtone, you'll have to head on over to iTunes, where adding it to the "Tones" folder will allow it to be synced to your phone for usage as a your next method of expression. The process is slow and at times a little finicky to work with, but then again it's also offering up dozens upon dozens of voices — including the very iconic Siri voice.

Ringtone Director Pro offers variety, and while it's not the most polished of apps out there, it can offer a lot to someone just looking to make custom voice ringtones in a world absolutely drowned by the sound of ringtone after ringtone of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and The Black Eyed Peas.

Just in time for this review, No Tie LLC is running a special on Ringtone Director Pro for just $.99! Grab it today for your favorite iOS device running 3.1.3 or later.

If being able to have your phone drone out hilarious, angry, or just plain crazy comments whenever you get a call from your boss, mother, or significant other is an absolute need, then Ringtone Director Pro might be the app that's right up your alley if you can muster the less-than-spectacular SFX features and cartoonish environment.  It's a decent app and certainly worth your time if you need very personalized ringtones for your device.

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