Rise of the Warriors Social MMO Creates Cool Characters, Lacks Combat Skills

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Rise of the Warriors
Developer: Atomic Softwares
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There are no shortage of social MMOs out there, and Rise of the Warriors is yet another "social MMO," offering quick, turn-style combat with people all over the world. While the game bills itself as an MMORPG, it seems to be a pretty standard social MMO, and doesn't change the formula too much beyond some additional options, a unique storyline, and some fairly interesting combat NPC. The amount of fun you'll have with this game depends a lot of your love (or hate) of the genre.

In Rise of the Warriors, you play as a warrior on his rise from the status as a common man to a great fighter for the forces of good against an evil army of Orcs, Dark Elves, Undead, and other not-so-friendly creatures. As you progress through the levels, you will have to fight the evil ones, as well as duel with other players (who are on your side, but compete with you to gain strength).

Rise of the Warriors offers a fair amount of customization to your character. Choose from eight different "fighting styles" that affect your character's strength in Attack, Defense, Energy, Damage, and Protection, as well as a unique skill. You'll also choose a Noble House to fall under, which comes with its own little perk to help you combat evil, as well as customize your avatar based on a selection of pre-chosen designs and colors. 

Unfortunately, once gameplay gets going Rise of the Warriors becomes more like your every-day, average social MMO experience. The map had only one or two players near my level, and a very limited selection that were "safe" to combat, so it looks like the in-game population is still very small. This means you will likely be battered apart when offline if you don't keep up with your character on a regular basis.

Fights are fast and pre-determined; when dueling with other human players the outcome is essentially random-generated and you simply sit back and watch the fight take place. Fights with NPCs are a tad more interesting, as you can control when to use your skill bonuses and such.

In short, Rise of the Warriors is about average. It gives you a fairly unique enough experience when compared to other games. And, although the combat can be interesting, it's less fun to watch a fight than to take part. It's tough to keep social MMOs engaging, and Rise of the Warriors falls short by making the player feel like a spectator to the fighting.

The usual "fights per day" and "gold bonuses" are the "pay to win" components of the game and encouraged while playing, but if you are patient you can certainly get a decent amount of free playtime with this game. In the end, the question is, do you like Social MMOS? If you do, Rise of the Warriors is worth your time for the Medieval experience and variance in combat.

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