1, 2, 3, Get Ready - Robot Fight!


robot-fight-iphoneRemember the red and blue boxing robot toys that used to be so popular? Robot Fight! by Sean Rogers is a simplistic app for iPhone and iPod touch that pretty much emulates that boxing toy.

Admittedly, I didn’t do a great deal of research before I downloaded Robot Fight! to my touch and when I launched it I was by myself. If you don’t know ahead of time (and I didn't), Robot Fight! is for two players only. So I had to wait around until there was someone else to play with – playing by yourself is just dumb – trust me.

Robot Fight! is really a quick, simple, pick-up-and-play simulation of the same boxing toy you might (or might not) remember as kid. There is a red robot and a blue robot and you furiously tap the corresponding "punch" button until one robot wins. It doesn’t matter which robot you play as – I had to prove that point to my kids — who, by the way, can’t win no matter which robot they use. The sound effects are the typical punching ones you'd expect and a robotic voice counts down the start of each round. 

Robot Fight! is one of those apps you can whip out and pass the time while waiting for a table or your food at a restaurant, riding the bus or train, or wherever. It’s easier to play if you have a flat surface to place your device on first, but be sure you hold on to the edge of it because the repeated tapping in opposite corners makes it jump around almost to the point of abuse. You could just as easily hold it to avoid this, but that feels kind of awkward.

There is nothing at all complicated or complex about Robot Fight! and it was clearly designed to be exactly what it is — two robots fighting to the death. Well, not really death, but you get it. It's like the Thunderdome - two enter, one leaves. In the end, Robot Fight! is a simple, fun, two-player tap to fight game that can help you and someone else pass a few moments in an entertaining way.

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