Robot Unicorn Attack: Wish Upon A Star and You'll Die a Fiery Death

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Robot Unicorn Attack
Developer: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

robot unicorn attackRanking pretty high amongst paid apps for the last couple of weeks, Robot Unicorn Attack would be a mystery if it weren’t for the Adult Swim brand. Seems you can take a ridiculous premise that would never in a million years succeed as a handheld arcade-style game and then attach Adult Swim to the title, and it sells.

With or without the branding, Robot Unicorn Attack comes across at first glance as a mushy, froo-froo concept complete with rainbows and unicorns and wishes. Everything an eight-year-old girl might be looking for in a game, but surely not designed for the masses.

On the contrary, Robot Unicorn Attack would probably give little girls nightmares. A side scrolling arcade platform that features a unicorn racing towards his dreams, but ultimately watching his dreams die as he does in a fiery death upon impact with unseen cliffs and wishing stars that cause robot unicorn to explode on impact. If you can avoid his certain death long enough, your high score dreams may come true.

Whatever Adult Swim’s obsession with “robot” critters, Robot Unicorn Attack is one of those games that is incredibly casual and at the same time, may drive you to throw your phone through the nearest window. Even the game knows you’re doomed and reminds you at the beginning of every game start screen.

The controls are simple. The left screen features the jump button and the right side houses the “dash” button. You can triple jump at max, but you’re leaping into unseen territory, so be careful. When a star appears, you must dash through or jump over to avoid exploding. You get your standard three wishes – that is chances – to get as far as possible and your final score is the combination of all three tries. It’s a fairly flawless game as far as controls go and it’s backed up by a great sound track that makes you feel hopeful as dash across the cheesy landscape.

You can download Robot Unicorn Attack for a mere .99 during Adult Swim’s game sale, but only for a limited time. It’s strangely addictive and absurd nature make it worth a dollar. I’m not sure I would pay more, but it’s got basic replay value and is easy enough to pick up and play even thought it does frustrate – but in a weirdly good way.

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