Rock 'n' Roll will get you Spinning

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Developer: Tag Games Limited
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rock 'n' roll iphone appThis fun arcade game by UK game developer Tag Games Limited might get you dizzy but it is a lot of fun. The premise is fairly simple - two friends, Rock and Roll, are on an island where the Evil Sky Spirit got angry and kidnaps Rock, because an electrical shortage caused all of his musical notes to disappear from his guitar.

The user plays Roll, who has to navigate through different mazes in order to recover the musical notes and to free Rock. With thirty mazes to navigate through and three locations as a backdrop, Rock 'n' Roll offers enough variety and difficulty to achieve replay-value. The app uses the powers of gravity and with the iPhone's motion sensor the player rotates through a maze, letting Roll fall to the bottom, whatever direction that may be.

The graphics and music add to the game and make the manically spinning mazes even more arcade fun. Rock 'n' Roll is Tag Games Limited's first iPhone game and with a great combination of action, puzzling, and humour, this looks like a great start with hopefully more games to come.

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  • TheRealGomez

    Looks like a great game, something that could keep me occupied for a while. Do you think it justifies the price tag of 3.99?

  • Abbey

    That screenshot looks like the game would give me an epileptic seizure.