Rocket Taxi Simple to Use, But Not Exactly Rocket Speed

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

rocket taxiEdovia, Inc. has just re-released their Rocket Taxi to the App Store. Rocket Taxi is a navigation app that uses GPS or WIFI to pin point your location and provide you with a list of taxi services in your area. Rocket Taxi is capable of mapping out your route and even gives you an estimated fare. It’s ideal for business travelers in downtown areas, and bar/club goers who want to let someone else do the driving.

Rocket Taxi has yellow cab and checkered graphics with a simple, clean interface. Using it isn’t very difficult either. It’s easy to get listings and it even offers one touch dialing. Listings appear in Rocket Taxi in alphabetical order based on your location. You can also search for listings other than the ones that the app has pulled up for you. You can search by country (US or Canada) then state or province and narrow it down by the city or town. Once again you’re presented with a list of tax services in alphabetical order.

The good thing about Rocket Taxi is that you don’t always have to be online to search the listings. The app stores the information so you can use it over and over again. Although, that feature may not be a bragging point, especially given the fact that if you’re looking for a taxi you’re probably in an area where you can readily get service.

Rocket Taxi is full of features but slow on function. The trip calculator is pretty slow. In fact, it took about four attempts for the trip calculator to load and work properly. Trying to use the routing function was impossible, 75% of the time it wouldn't load  properly.  And, even after it did, the route map never displayed correctly.  We're not quite sure why it’s called Rocket Taxi because a listing doesn’t necessarily have any correlation to a fast service.

Rocket Taxi will have to add some pretty special updates to compete with free apps like Yelp, White Pages or AroundMe. These programs offer a broad range of categories consistent functionality and don’t feel overpriced. Rocket Taxi is currently available in the app store for $1.99.

Editor's Note: Luke Vandal from Edovia contacted us to say that they are working on version 1.1 which will not only add more countries but also make Rocket Taxi a lot faster and fix map display issues.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • JoshPratt79

    The competition is gona overpower this app like a mudslide on a tricycle

  • BettyGreene

    This app is great. I don't care if its slow. The best part is that it lists the phone numbers of local taxi stations. Just that much is worth it

  • Derek Moore

    Yes a local taxi directory is worth the $1.99 by itself

  • Luc Vandal

    By the way, this review is outdated. We're now to version 1.5, which is a lot faster and has a lot of improvements + more countries.

  • Jay A

    I like the fact that you don't always need a connection, but it seems like, as JoshPratt points out, there are other similar apps with better functionality (mudslide on a trike?). Anyway, I've used Taxi Magic a few times -- which is a free app, and also allows you make the actual taxi reservation (and track, etc) from the iphone. Has anyone compared the two? I'd be interested to hear a more thorough comparison, although the 5 out of 10 for Rocket isn't promising (and Magic is free)...

  • Luc Vandal

    @Jay A

    Look at the review date (Nov. 10, 2008). That was version 1.0 and we're now at version 1.5.

    As for JoshPratt79's comment: According to Apple, our app was the *best* Taxi Finder on the App Store and got picked to be part of a national TV ad for the iPhone:

    Rocket Taxi was also featured in numerous Apple newspaper and online ads, as well as their website:

  • Luc Vandal
  • Luc Vandal

    Since App Craver staff seems too busy to keep up with updates, just wanted to let you know that Rocket Taxi 2.0 is now available and is a much improved update. You can find it on iTunes.

  • Mo

    I dowloaded MyTaxiRank App it's free to download and you can order a taxi via the app with no need for a phone call it seems to be getting better and better with every update i reccomend it

  • Taxi Application

    I find this app little slow and but still worth downloading !