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Roll Swap
Developer: Carsten Schulz
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

roll swap iphone(Editor's Note, although this review refers to the "free version," Roll Swap has been updated and the new price is $1.99)

If you are someone who takes a lot of pictures with your iPhone or iPod touch, then Roll Swap by Ernest Otto Software could really help you organize and protect your photos. With Roll Swap you can swap the photos you have in your iPhone or iPod touch camera roll with rolls available in the app. This way, you can make rolls into albums for better organization. There is also a way of locking the app so that the photos in your swapped camera rolls can be kept private.

At the moment Roll Swap is free, but this is only for a limited time while other elements of the app are being developed. Like most introductions, Roll Swap is just a small taste of what is to come from the full version. In this free version available now there are only four rolls that you can swap with and the lock feature is not password protected. The good news is that the full version promises to have a lot more free rolls and better security.

As it is, Roll Swap is so straightforward you might wonder if you are missing something. You open the app, your existing camera roll appears on the bottom and there are four free ones above it. Click one of the empty rolls and the photos in your camera roll will move there, leaving you with a fresh roll. Once you have filled all available rolls you can swap back and forth depending on which roll you want to have access to on your iPhone or iPod touch.

The security feature is a bit more tricky, or at least it requires an extra step that may elude all but the more refined iPhone and iPod touch connoisseurs. Basically you have to exit Roll Swap and go into Settings to safe guard your photos. Once in the general Settings section of your iPhone or iPod touch scroll down to the very bottom and you will see some of your apps, including Roll Swap. By selecting "On" you will disable the app so that no one — well, "no one" being anyone unfamiliar with iPhone and iPod touch Settings — will be able to get into the app. This of course will be remedied with a password lock upon the debut of the full version.

Now, instead of having 354 photos in one huge camera roll, you can break it up into albums that are more user friendly. Just that alone is enough to sway me to Roll Swap.

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  • Peter

    I'm using this app since a month now! It's really great and I can't wait for the update. What really bugs me, though, is that there are a few people giving negative feedback in the app store. If people don't like the app, that's fine. But obviously most of the guys haven't read the app description. I think that's dishonest and annoying. IMHO this app deservers a five star rating!

  • Phil

    This app is no longer free

  • Gymmy

    This app is no longer free and no update for password protect either is available.

    Until this is implemented it is not worth the money.