Use Routine Timer When Practicing to Be Perfect

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routine-timer-iphone appRoutine Timer — Whether it’s a perfect physique or a winning streak on Jeopardy you're after, getting to the top takes a daily routine. If you need help staying focused on your goals and sticking to your plans, take a look at Routine Timer.

Routine Timer is a collection of timers for exercise, mediation, music, cooking — nearly anything that might come to mind where practice makes perfect. If you can break it down into steps and put a time limit on it, Routine Timer will do what you want.

This app, from Practiphone, comes loaded with a variety of routines sorted into Favorites and Categories. A Favorite routine may be something like practicing a golf shot and a Category may be a collection of other golf-related exercises. Start with the preloaded routines and then adapt them any way you would like.

Each routine comprises a series of timed steps. If you were looking to work on your golf game, for example, you might decide to devote a set amount of time to practice putting, bunker shots, chipping and so on. You might also decide that each of those activities require 15 minutes of practice each day, one right after the other, or just some of them on certain days of the week.

Set it up any way you like. Use Routine Timer to create and save multiple routines, decide how many steps each routine should have and how long each activity should last. If you finish a step earlier than planned you can skip ahead with a button tap.

You can also run two or more timers simultaneously. As an example, you might decide to work on your chip at the same time you're cooking coq au vin as a surprise for your partner.

You can choose to have a routine pause or keep going when you’re interrupted.  If you’re in the middle of a routine and you get a call on your iPhone, you can customize whether the routine should pause or resume counting down based on the time elapsed after you return from your conversation.

Routine Timer does the job, at least after you get through the somewhat tedious business of setting it all up. What I would like to see in future iterations are more preloaded routines that can be easily customized, icons to speed setting up routines and color coding, if for no other reason to make this plain looking app more appealing.

Routine Timer is for hard core schedulers who believe that time not spent in a routine is time wasted. A common sports watch would work better for many tasks and it's not likely you'll want to move from station to station at your local gym with your iPhone or iPod touch in tow.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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