rRootage is Easy Entertainment for Experienced Gamers


rRootage is truly visually spectacular. It is often hard to keep your eyes where they need to be in order to beat the game because of all the beautiful imagery going on toward the top of the screen. This makes the game twice as enjoyable.

A couple of points on the mechanics of the game, it’s almost impossible to keep your finger glued to the screen at all times while trying to avoid the bullets. So when you reapply your finger, it often pauses involuntarily because it is really sensitive to the tap of your finger. This can be avoided by being extra careful, but it is annoying in the beginning.There is no sound at all, which could be pleasant, sound effects for the guns would have been a nice feature. Another drawback of rRootage is that your finger is bigger than your ship so it’s kind of hard to tell exactly where you need to be to avoid oncoming bullets. It is possible that I could have fat fingers, but I am 6’2”, 170lbs so I think my hands are pretty average!

Overall, rRootage is a blast to play once you get over the few insignificant troubles. The visual effects really make it exciting and the fact that you don’t have to press or hold any buttons down to keep your guns on automatic fire is a great feature.

rRootage is relatively easy if you’ve got a decent amount of gaming experience under your belt. I beat the game on the first try. Ok, I may have died once! But who’s counting?

rRootage was ported to the iPhone and the iPod Touch by Lazrhog Games. The original rRootage was created by Kenta Cho of ABA Games in 2003 for the PSP. With the free price tag, this iPhone/iPod Touch app is a great bargain. Looking forward to the next version of rRootage hopefully with added sound.

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  • jarhead

    Great free app. I play it all day in class. Gets me by just dandy =)

  • jarhead

    I used to play this game on my PC for hoooours. De ja vu!

  • DominoFect

    How can they say this game has terrific graphics? It looks like the first Battlefield game for PC with the green prisms and exploding 2D lines. The only thing I notice about this game that could make it seem intricate is the business of what's going on on the screen. I wouldn't call that graphics!

    Can I get a witness???