Rudolph's Revenge is a Fun Christmas Game for Kids

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

rudolphs revenge iphoneRudolph's Revenge by developer Egerter Software (maker of such apps as Blue Skies, i Fishing, and Coconut Horse) is a simple and fun Christmas-themed memory testing game that kids will enjoy.

The game has enjoyable graphics of reindeers that will cry if you make a mistake. The task is pretty easy — listen for the tones that will light up the corresponding reindeer's nose and repeat the tone patterns by tapping the noses. Three difficulty levels make this app enjoyable for young kids (it's rated 4+) as well as older kids and adults who have some time to kill. In all three levels the patterns get increasingly longer, making the task to repeat them increasingly difficult.

A further option is to press the music note button, which will allow the player to create their own melody by tapping the reindeer's noses. This option does not include any tasks but may be fun for kids to play around with and create their own tune.

The graphics and sounds are well developed but Rudolph's Revenge could offer a little more in terms of gameplay in order to appeal to older players as well. But with a fun combination of sound and visual recognition Rudolph's Revenge offers entertainment in the holiday spirit, especially for kids.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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