RummyPuzzle Is A Brain-Teasing And Fun Rummy Style Puzzle Game

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RummyPuzzle for iPhone and iPadHave you been searching for an iOS game that doesn't involve birds with anger issues or flesh eating zombies? While I love my Angry Birds and Zombie games, sometimes you just need a change of pace and want to play a game that challenges you mentally. Players that want to exercise their mind while being thoroughly entertained, may find that RummyPuzzle is just what they've been searching for.

RummyPuzzle is a brain-teasing puzzle game for iPhone and iPad devices that follows the rules of various rummy-style card games. The goal of the game is simple: arrange various numbered tiles in sequences of three or more before your time runs out—but you must use all the blocks provided in each level.

There are two ways to arrange the tiles in RummyPuzzle. One is to arrange the same numbered blocks, such as the number 5 in a sequence of three or more. The second way is to arrange a sequence of numbers, say 3, 4, 5, 6 in order, but they must consist of three or more blocks and all have the same color-- and all of this has to be done in less than 59 seconds. But don’t worry if the rules sound confusing, once you get started RummyPuzzle is simple and you will catch on quickly.

The app allows you to play alone by completing levels which increase in difficultly or by challenging an opponent in the multi-play section, where you and another player compete to see who can solve various RummyPuzzle sequences the fastest.  I have never really played rummy card or computer games, so at first I was concerned about learning the rules of the game, but they were simple and only took a second to figure out. RummyPuzzle is an app that has endless game play because it can offer and endless amount of sequences to arrange your numbered tiles in.

I found RummyPuzzle to be an excellent change of pace from action games I usually play on my iOS devices. The game is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. The puzzles are challenging and get increasingly more difficult after each level of play, and the 59 second time limit adds a bit of suspense and tension to the game. I thought RummyPuzzle was exciting and fun to play.

Overall I thought the game was engaging and fun and would recommend it to iOS user who love to play rummy style games or to those Appcraver users that are looking for a game that has less action and more brain-teasing involved. RummyPuzzle Lite offers up a taste for players hesitant to go all in on the first round.

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