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Santa's Run - Tossing Christmas Presents Around the World (AppStore Link)
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Santa's Run - Tossing Christmas Presents Around the World
Developer: Digital Press Publishing, s.r.o.
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santa's run iphoneLooking for a festive game to put you and your iPhone in the holiday spirit? Santa’s Run is a seemingly simple game that lets you lend Santa a hand by delivering gifts to homes around the world.

Featuring two different mini-games spanning four different parts of the world, Santa’s Run is all about spreading holiday cheer by throwing presents at chimneys and doors. If this is anything like what Santa goes through, it’s no wonder Broken Thumbs Apps felt he could use a little help.

Playing Santa’s Run is a simple concept, but somewhat difficult to master. By touching the screen and aiming presents at the appropriate homes, presents fly through the air and hopefully hit their mark. It sounds simple, but taking into account the varying wind speeds and the power behind the present toss, many presents may not reach the homes at all. The key is to pay attention to the power meter, represented by the blue, yellow, and red power meter rings. Yet, just when you think you have it figured out, those howling westward winds will throw you for a loop.

Santa’s Run can be played in two modes – Around the World and Endless Delivery. Around the World features four distinct areas of the globe and supplies players with the required number of presents to be delivered at each home. Endless delivery allows players to select their favorite location and master their present-launching trajectory. The game keeps track of your accuracy and allows players to compare high scores with other players.

Though you don’t get the help of Donner, Blitzen, Cupid and the gang, Santa’s Run features quick but challenging gameplay accompanied by a catchy and original holiday jingle, all of which are intended to do no more than supply a few minutes of stress-free holiday cheer and entertainment.

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