Save Betsy is Like Doodle Jump on the Farm


save betsy iphoneSave Betsy is another version of the accelerometer-based jumping game that has become so popular for iPhone. It is akin to Doodle Jump, but unlike Doodle Jump, the leader of all such games where iTunes rankings are concerned, Save Betsy, has a seriously twisted vegan (or anti-vegan) theme, but don’t worry, no cows were harmed in the making.

Save Betsy stars Betsy the cow, who is trying to avoid the grills and meat grinders that will turn her into steak. As you lead her higher and higher, you can use her special ability to rid her path of meat-making obstacles, hide her in the haystacks, and try to jump her over the moon for higher and higher scores.

Whimsical, and maybe only slightly twisted, Save Betsy is as entertaining as Doodle Jump, though it lacks the cross-game appearances and themes that made Doodle so huge. Save Betsy may not be original as far as game play, but the premise of saving Betsy from a horrible fate as well as trying to outscore other players gives it a different feel. Save Betsy is Facebook integrated, contains “fun facts” about cows, and has a genuine “down on the farm” theme song and sound effects to support its silly premise.

If you enjoy Doodle Jump or similar games, then Save Betsy offers familiar game play with new sights and sounds. It has been designed to be responsive to tilt control while somewhat forgiving and is quite simple to learn even for beginners. The only replay value that exists is due to the competitive nature of high scoring, but it is essentially endless if you can keep Betsy alive and jumping. Save Betsy is priced right at .99 and will be well-loved by fans of similar style games.

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