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Scanner Pro by Readdle (AppStore Link)
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Scanner Pro by Readdle
Developer: Igor Zhadanov
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Scanner Pro for iPhoneAs an iPhone- and iPad-toting mobile office executive, I take pride in discovering the apps that help get things done on the road and in the coffee shop, a.k.a. my mobile office. That's why when I found Scanner Pro, I had to review it as it's quite possibly one of the most useful business apps on the market and it scans high-quality, readable images to the industry standard PDF file.

I've lost count of how many times I've had to take a picture of a document to send to a client because I don't have a mobile scanner. Sure, snapping a picture of a single document works, but multi-page documents presents another problem with the camera route - too many attachments - and can get very cumbersome. Scanner Pro not only is capable of simple one page letters, but also multipage agreements. It can add, move, delete pages and even combine pages in landscape and portrait orientations and so much more.

Scanner Pro is simple to operate, very robust and offers a simple step-by-step guide in scanning single or multi-page letters, business cards, receipts, notes, whiteboards, documents, etc. It's no wonder why it's the No. 1 Business App in the US, Italy, France, Australia, UK and 20 more countries.

Upon opening the app there are two ways to start the process, selecting an image from the photo library or opening the camera to take a photo. Since I drink way too much coffee, I'm glad there is a built in motion sensor within the app and it waits until the camera is steady. No need for blurry documents.

Once an image or images are selected they are optimized for better text reading by default. Color can be manipulated within the settings tab. From here Scanner Pro features a borders function that allows for selecting the part of the document that's needed. This is very helpful when emphasis needs to be put on a certain part. If the user forgets to adjust one of the other pages the app prompts them before finishing the project.

Within the settings tab the image can be set as a document or photo and put in color, grayscale or black and white for clearer text. What makes this app so great is that the developer didn't forget any of the details. Page size can also be selected such as A4, letter, legal, business card and more.

When the process button is selected, a little light scanner literally moves up and down the screen, reads the document and optimizes it within seconds. The quality of the scan is pristine in that it actually makes the paper white and the text darker and very readable. Of course, those settings can be switched if a color photo is what is needed.

Moreover, Scanner Pro can be used to protect documents with a password, transfer them to Mac and PC, send scans by email and upload scans to the cloud via MobileMe iDisk, Box.Net, Humyo and my favorite, Drobox. It can also print via the Print n Share app from EuroSmartz.

High-quality scans, integration with cloud apps such as DropBox and exporting to the PDF file type makes Scanner Prois an essential addition to the mobile office.

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