SciStatCalc is a Value-Added Two-in-One Scientific and Statistics Calculator

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SciStatCalcWhether you’re wrapping up finals or you work with numbers every day, if you need a lightweight scientific calculator with serious processing, check out SciStatCalc – the combination scientific and statistics calculator for iPhone. Common scientific operations and functions are supported as well as additional operations like least common multiple (lcm) and greatest common factor or greatest common divisor (gcd) and the statistics calculator has features that include Beta, Pascal, Logistic, Geometric and more.

SciStatCalc is two-in-one calculator that functions as the scientific calculator in portrait mode and the statistics calculator in landscape mode. The statistics calculator includes unpaired and paired student’s t-test, chi-squared test and uniform random number generator. Users in the statistical, financial and medical fields will find that the statistics calculator is useful and fully functional, while taking up very little memory on their device.

The ability to be lightweight yet functional makes SciStatCalc a nice calculator app for performing scientific functions and the combined statistics calculator provides a nice value-added aspect. Anyone studying advanced mathematics or statistics can use SciStatCalc, providing of course their educational institution allows the use of smartphone calculators. You can also download the app to iPad, and though it isn’t optimized for the iPad, still functions and responds adequately.

SciStatCalc has plenty of processing power for scientific and statistical calculations, but isn’t a “starter” calculator. It has plenty of power for experienced users and is a bargain at just a dollar. The list of functions goes just beyond the standard to make it a useful calculator app with potential use for professionals and students alike. Without advanced knowledge of statistics, it’s difficult to say how responsive, functional and accurate SciStatCalc operates, but the price point makes it worth trying if you’re a mathematical whiz.

SciStatCalc has easy-to-see, easy-to-read buttons, is fully functional as a dual calculator and performs basic scientific calculations with ease – to test its maximum functionality, download it for iPhone or iPod Touch and see for yourself.

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