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Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone (AppStore Link)
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Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone
Developer: NimbleBit LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

scoops iphoneFrom what I hear, Ian Marsh, the developer of Hanoi, Threads, and Scoops, is gaining some recognition as an app developer. Being curious by nature, I wondered what it was about the Scoops app that was so great. So when I first downloaded Scoops, I tapped the little icon with the funny looking Merlin hat and jumped right in with an open mind.

The first thing I noticed about Scoops was the tilt-based controls. Having a strong aversion to fingerprints on any surface, I immediately appreciated a game I could hand off to my kids that didn’t require constant touching to play. A little further into Scoops, I realized I might not share it anyway. 

It is refreshing to see an app like Scoops that is both visually appealing and takes advantage of the more unique aspects of the iPhone/iPod Touch interface. And, it's a pleasant surprise when that same game is simple and fun to play. The basic gist of Scoops is to stack scoop after scoop of ice cream on top of your ice cream cone and rack up points the higher you stack.

There are several different “flavors” that fall from the sky and as you tilt your device from side to side to catch them, you have to avoid the vegetables that also fall. Vegetables will ruin your stacked treat and cost you a star. Once you loose all your stars, the game is over.

Though Scoops is a simple game, there are several features that keep it challenging. You can score bonus points for stacking the same flavors (colors) on top of one another; there is a “wild” scoop that will automatically change to the color it falls on if you catch it; and the scoop that looks like a misshaped Merlin hat will yield you an extra star. The speed at which the scoops and veggies fall increases as you stack your cone higher. Catch a veggie by mistake and the scoops slow down again.

The graphics are simple but colorful and the background changes as the cone reaches higher and higher into the sky. You can even stack the cone clear into outer space, surpassing the moon. You can also turn on your own music from your library and listen while you play. Additional features include an online daily leader scoreboard and the ability to email a high score challenge to friends.

Scoops is a game anyone can understand and play, which makes it ideal for people who like to share their device with their kids to keep them entertained in the car, at a restaurant, or wherever. In the end, Scoops has significant enough entertainment and replay value to make it worth the purchase.

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  • valerie

    i can't find the full version :( HELP

  • valerie

    where do i get the full version? i only have two themes. :(

  • Rheanna

    i luv this gamee
    its so addicting

  • monicabbbbb

    i luuuuuvvvv this game!!! ive made it past 5 planets i play so much.