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Classic Scramble With Friends
Developer: Zynga Inc.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

scramble live iphone appScramble Live (now called Scramble With Friends), a word game from Zynga, is loads of fun and addictive to play. It's also humiliating.

The object of Scramble Live is to find words hidden in a 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 grid of letters. To make a word, drag your finger from one letter to the next, as though you were connecting dots.

You can play Scramble in solo mode against the computer, in pass and play mode against your friends and in online mode with everyone in the world, or at least everyone tied together in a social network.

In Pass 'n' Play, you compete live head-to-head or against two or three other players, whom you've invited to join the game. In the online mode, you  compete against hundreds of people. You can view the number of people playing at one time and your standing among them as you race against the clock to find words.

If you like, with Scramble Live you can create a profile with your name and picture.

What's humiliating is that there are dozens and dozens of possible letter combinations but it takes a deep vocabulary and a keen eye to tally major points when you play online.  I routinely found myself in the middle of the pack, about where I stood when I graduated from high school, unfortunately. With more practice, I expect to up my game considerably. No matter how well I do, I'm having fun and that's what really counts.

I encountered some bizarre behavior in Scramble Live, however. More than a few times, a letter would "stick" and refuse to slide back into its proper position. I included a screen capture so you can see what I mean.

In it's App Store description, Zynga says Scramble Live is launch-sale priced at $2.99. The app's cost is slated to rise on March 8, although the company doesn't say what that will be.

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  • WordFanatic

    Loved this game. Guess I seem to love all games with grids. Word Scramble, WordsWorth, Wurdle these games seem to have bought word games to a premier league!!

  • Christine

    I created words in scramble and even though these words were "real" I received a comment that it was "not on the board" what does this mean?