Scramboni - Multiplayer Apps arrive on iPhone


scramboni iphone app"Scramboni" sounds a little like a Scrabble rip-off, but in reality is a slickly designed multiplayer game by ByteClub, a startup specifically devoted to social, multiplayer games.

This promises to be a very exciting category, and it appears Scramboni is the first entrant into it. As the company says: "Stop playing with yourself". Instead, why not play a game of Scramboni against 60 total strangers (or --- eventually your friends). The Scramboni game itself involves de-jumbling a word in the shortest time possible. There are currently about 100 people online, and my ranking is in top 54%. This reminds me of the online games at, in 1999, except now on your iPhone.

What's next: Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Gin Rummy, or possibly even multiplayer games like Quake, Everquest or Starcraft? This will be a very interesting space to watch...

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