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scratch off now iphoneIf you’re hooked on sweepstakes, instant win games, and other “free” chances to try your luck at winning something, then check out Scratch Off Now by Thought Quarry, LLC. Scratch Off Now is basically like adding an instant win scratch off game to your iPhone with the opportunity to try your luck at winning small weekly prizes, like iTunes Store credit and Amazon gift cards, every 15 minutes. There is a grand prize instant win sweepstakes included at the end of each promotional period with the current grand prize being one Xbox 360 Elite.

The premise of Scratch Off Now is simple. Download the app for free, give up your email address, and start scratching – well, really it’s more like rubbing, but you get the gist. There is a delay of 15 minutes between tries and if you happen to be really intent on trying your luck, there’s an included countdown timer that ticks off the minutes until your next chance to play. Supposedly the more times you play, the more entries into the grand prize sweepstakes you’ll earn.

While I have no idea what the real odds of winning are, I assume they are similar to any other instant win game. Quite frankly, I’ve never won anything in my life and the dozen or so attempts I've made at Scratch Off Now have been no exception. Still, if scratch-offs are a favorite of yours, this beats getting all those silver paper shavings stuck under your fingernail or rummaging through your pocket or your couch for a coin. If you’re lucky enough, you might win a nominal gift card, or maybe you’ll even be the winner of the grand prize.

Since there are no built in ads, you must assume that your email address is collected and provided to sponsors for email campaigns or some other benefit. There is a very lengthy “official rules” agreement that spells out some of the particulars of playing Scratch Off Now, but no privacy policy that I could find, though the terms seem innocent enough - even  to a cynic like me.

Scratch Off Now keeps track of the number of entries you have earned into the Grand Prize Sweepstakes and will reset itself at the start of a new promotional period. The small prizes change every week while the grand prize promotional period is approximately a month. The Xbox 360 Elite prize bundle is the current promotion and the prize period lasts through May 26.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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