The Sea Battle App Will Blow Your Mind


Sea Battle is a classic first person shooter with only one action button. Not that it's a bad thing. It keeps the simplistic 'shoot or die' stance in mind at all times. The objective of Sea Battle is to watch unsuspecting boats and ships sail by through your submarine's periscope crosshairs - picking out the bad guys from the good and saying good night, literally.

The odd levels are played during daytime hours and the even levels switch to night mode, which is pretty surreal with the dream-like graphics in the background. Lightning-struck skies and heavy clouds make for an eerie shoot-fest to say the least.

Sea Battle's accompanying music is appropriate to the carnage you're spreading throughout the seas. With low-toned horns and a military drum beat, you feel like you've got to kill to stay alive (even though you can't really die in this Sea Battle app). The only way to lose is to hit a maximum number of innocent ships. Try to maximize your score before you hit too many civilian boats and you win the game.

We have no real criticisms to this game. It's as straight forward as it gets. There's one big red button that screams "shoot!" and the rest is enjoying the music and atmosphere of the sea. Sea Battle is a very fun shoot 'em up game that can entertain for hours. We give it a whopping score of 7 out of 10.

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  • BettyGreene

    I love how you can move the periscope left and right. It makes it feel realistic.

  • ChelseeW

    I love the music it comes with!

  • JoshPratt79

    I love shootin them submarines wayyyy in the backround. Their hard ones to hit but mucho satisfyin