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Sea Rascals
Developer: Pajamahouse Studios LLC
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sea rascals iphone appIt's kind of funny — I grew up in the Florida Keys, so to me (and probably to most people, actually), the ocean is all about tranquility. However, Sea Rascals, which is set in the ocean? Makes me frantic! Admittedly, it's a good kind of frantic, but nonetheless... stress!

Sea Rascals by Pajamahouse Studios is a fast-paced match-three game with a few twists to help keep things interesting. While Sea Rascals may take a round or two to get the hang of things, once you get going, it's incredibly hard to stop (it is for me, anyway!). Sea Rascals is the kind of game that leads you to say "OK, one more game" about ten times.

The premise of Sea Rascals is simple, and very familiar if you've played other match-three games like Bejeweled — put together matching groups of three or more items to make them disappear from the board. Unlike most match-three games, in which players swap adjacent jewels/tiles/etc, in Sea Rascals, you can swap any two sea creatures, wherever their location on the board.

Which, on one hand, is absolutely great — you rarely end up completely stuck with no moves to make. On the other hand, the temptation to gather, say, all of the red-and-yellow fish can be pretty intense, which might result in a massive pileup of all the other types of Sea Rascals, because you took too long. Not that I would know anything about that.

A couple of other aspects of Sea Rascals help keep the game challenging. First of all, more creatures are constantly sinking down from above, causing the screen to fill up (think Tetris). Once the creatures are piled all the way to the top, you're — pardon the ocean pun — sunk. Making your task that much more difficult are various bits of ocean debris (tin cans, abandoned surfboards) that absolutely will not be cleared until you create a chain reaction of multiple groups of three. Oh, and just in case you don't catch on for yourself: you have to tap the groups of three (or more) in order to make them disappear.

Sea Rascals is a really fun, wildly addictive game. The graphics and music are both nicely done and the local and global high score cards are likely to bring out the competitive side in just about anyone, making the replay value for Sea Rascals pretty high.

Check out this brief video to see Sea Rascals in action.

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  • Cheri

    Alas! I wanted to try out this "Sea Rascals" game after reading this review for it! However, the "lite" version is no longer available; only the full version is available for download... :(

  • A Sea Rascal

    Hey Cheri,

    Sorry about the missing Lite. We took it off the store recently because there are some things we would like to do and adjust here at the Studio before making it available again.

    We hope you are still willing to give the regular version a try. It's definitely well priced and will keep you busy for a while!

    A Sea Rascal

  • Nicholas

    This game is AWESOME.

  • pointless moniker

    I love this game. Its delightfully addictive. So much so, that I neglect my ipuppy - which I guess is alright considering I'm more of a ferret kind of guy anyways ;)

  • Cindy

    I downloaded this game and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is. I agree with the reviewer - it's addictive and there are lots of heart attack moments. Love it!!

  • Clemente

    Are there icons available for mac folders of these fish? Love the design

  • Tim

    As an avid fan of Puyopuyo have to say I give this game two thumbs up

  • A Sea Rascal

    Actually it probably would not be hard to make folder icons. We will see what we can do about that so they could be available through the site.

  • TheRealGomez

    Is Sea Rascals really addictive? It seems like everybody likes it? How would you rate it interms of addictive quality against say fieldrunners?

  • A Sea Rascal

    I would say it's addictive to those who really enjoy strategizing.

    Comparing it to Fieldrunners is like Apples and Oranges though. One is a Tower Defense game and the other is a Puzzle game. They both employ strategy thoug.

    Fieldrunners is a great game with defensive strategy. Sea Rascals is a great game with preemptive strategy.

    And with both games it will take the player a bit to figure out their own personal style and method.