Backgammon Classics - Shake Up The Dice With This Classic

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Uber-developer Gameloft brings Backgammon Classics to the mobile world, a fun new take on a well-known board game.  At $4.99 the app is one dollar cheaper than its competitor Backgammon by developer PosiMotion and it can be fairly addictive if you have some time to kill.  The game offers several options, which allow you to either play the computer or a second player.  Initially beating the computer seems fairly easy but it gets harder as you continue.  Prize money is allocated allowing the player to enter into tournaments.

The graphics of Backgammon Classics are great with a 2D/3D option as well as three different themes for the look of the game.  Another fun feature is the option to shake your iPhone in order to roll the dice.  The pieces are moved by finger through the touch screen, which is the only aspect of the game that does not work well and screams for improvement.  It is too hard to move the pieces, which can end up testing the player's patience and sometimes results in the movement of the wrong piece.  With an update that improves this feature Backgammon Classics would be a truly fun and addictive game.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • sanjat55

    gameloft products are the best. I think this one will be a winner

  • Art

    Have you figured out how to double? It's been doubling me, but I can't seem to double back. Thanks.