Solve Puzzles and Ogle Ladies with Shanghai Party Girls

This app is not currently available in the App Store.
Shanghai Party Girls

Solve the puzzle to see Shanghai Party Girls in all their glory

To the credit of Shanghai Party Girls, a new app for the iPhone, it’s not just a hastily-thrown-together collection of pictures that were obviously culled from a Google image search. No, Shanghai Party Girls is actually a kind of game. While the official iTunes description says it’s a series of “jigsaw puzzles,” what you actually get is a mosaic-style puzzle game. Thirty pictures of sexy Shanghainese girls have been scrambled, and you have to shuffle around the tiles to put them back together before the timer runs out.

Now, to be fair, the thirty pictures of sexy Shanghainese girls were probably just taken from a Google image search. If all you want to do is look at these more or less tame, nudity-free pictures of people you will never meet, then save yourself the download and head over to Google. If you want to just play a little mosaic game, but you don’t want someone to glance over your shoulder and assume that you are a total creep, then you might also want to steer clear of this game. The App Store is loaded with free alternatives.

Now, if you’re one of the few who desperately wants to see scrambled pictures of sexy girls, and you want to solve little puzzles, and you also want to listen to repetitive techno music—congratulations! Someone finally made an app just for you.

All snark aside, it does seem as though Shanghai Party Girls was not destined for a wide audience. Even if you’re one of the six people who just loves mosaic tile games, and you just cannot play them enough, this game hasn’t exactly nailed it. One of the few redeeming qualities of mosaic games is that they can be diverting and relaxing, but Shanghai Party Girls had to go and ruin it by installing a timer for every puzzle. If you fail to solve it before the timer runs out, then the round will automatically start over. There’s no way to disable it. The techno music, thankfully, can be turned off.

If you do manage to solve the puzzles, Shanghai Party Girls will reward you by saving the unscrambled photo to the “Saved Images” section of the app, where you can go and visit it later. If you’re the kind of guy who wants to save pictures of “party girls,” pictures that may have been ripped from the Facebook pages of unsuspecting Chinese students, then you will likely be disappointed that you can’t save that picture to your iPhone photo album, to be exported or used as your lock screen wallpaper.

Shanghai Party Girls is a free download, so that should go a long way to curb unreasonably high expectations. If you sort of like the subject matter, you sort of like mosaic games, and you don’t mind techno music that much, it might be a justifiable download. Maybe. Just don’t let your boss or your significant other see what you’re doing.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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