Sherlock Holmes for iPad is Classic Doyle with Modern Enhancements

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Sherlock Holmes for the iPad
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sherlock holmes for iPadThe curiously investigative mind of Doyle comes to life in a modern, interactive way with Sherlock Holmes for the iPad by Gutenbergz. An interactive book featuring a small, abridged collection of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, complete with music, sound effects and hidden surprises, Sherlock Holmes for the iPad introduces the super sleuth to a new generation and breathes new life into old stories for life-long fans. The story of The Five Orange Pips is included in the free download of Sherlock Holmes for iPad and four other stories are available to buy.

Unlike reading a book in plain epub (or similar version) format, reading Sherlock Holmes for the iPad is like a grown-up picture book set to music. In fact, the animation, interactions and music do such a good job of setting the mood for a Sherlock Holmes story it feels like a whole new way to read. Find new hidden objects and interactive elements with each page, or simply read through the story merely taking in the atmosphere.

Besides the included adventure title, Sherlock Holmes for iPad also gives the option of purchasing four additional titles – The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, The Adventure of the Speckled Band and The Red-Headed League. With all stories downloaded, readers get a total of 100 interactive pages filled with the eccentric powers of observation belonging to the beloved Sherlock Holmes, all with intuitive interactions and a strong background music track that enhance the story rather than detract from it. Watch the trailer for a peek into the interactive book. (Our review continues after the video.)

Sherlock Holmes for iPad Book Trailer

The features of Sherlock Holmes for iPad are intuitive, as any book app should be, and are complete with both the abilities to bookmark pages and turn the sound off and on within each page. An onscreen dialog box for navigating to the home screen is easily accessible from the bottom of each page. To access the interactive animations, simply tap and swipe to explore the possibilities. They range from moving objects about the screen to initiating ink blots, gun shots and a host of other elements that give the story visualization.

Though there are a host of Sherlock Holmes collections available in the App Store, Gutenbergz Sherlock Holmes for iPad is a nice, sophisticated version that brings the classic tales to life by providing a creative, interactive atmosphere for reading. The overall value of this app would have been increased by providing two tales per in-app purchase, but all in all, this collection is tastefully enriched by its music and artwork.

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