Shift Your Thinking about Puzzle Games


shift iphoneShift - You know that "paradigm shift" thing your boss always goes on about in meetings? I don't recall ever seeing a "paradigm" and I've always doubted it would "shift" if I did. After reviewing MunkyFun's Shift, I think I finally get what the boss has been talking about.

Shift, a puzzle game, is an update to Ivory Tiles. The object is to move blocks into various configurations by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch. The blocks slide, stack, drop into holes and slots and so on.

Shift has 70 levels in all. The game is easy to play but you need a quick course on strategy. This is one area in which Shift excels: It has 16 tutorial levels that will teach you strategies that help you shift blocks into their proper configurations in the least amount of moves.

Shift has the usual options to adjust the level of the sound track, special effects and tilt sensitivity. You have the option of using touch, tilt or a combination or both to move your blocks into position.

The graphics can only be described as 1960s psychedelic. They are well-rendered but I don't find them the least bit pleasing. It would be mighty fine to have the option of changing the backgrounds and perhaps the color of the playing platforms. The dev claims the background music is soothing. I don't agree.

Shift is not a new idea, but it's well executed. There's a tendency for people who have played many puzzlers to become jaded after a while but this one has staying power because of its many levels of increasing complexity. Shift is also ideally suited for the small screen real estate on the iPhone and iPod touch.

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