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Developer: CYBER WARE Inc.
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showanytime iphone 3ShowAnytime is an app with potential and for a few remaining hours is made a bit better by being on sale. If the ability to put Power Point presentations on your iPhone or iTouch is appealing to you, ShowAnytime is a basic way to achieve your goal. It does have its limitations, but the potential for Power Point portability coupled with a way to display the file directly from the device has appeal.

ShowAnytime supports .ppt and .pdf files, and because the ability to wirelessly transfer .pdf files exists in several apps, it’s really all about the .ppt support.

Coincidentally, I recently had an instance where ShowAnytime could have come in handy had I discovered it earlier. My son created a presentation for a school project and suffered a bit of transfer and display issues between his computer at home and the one at school.

I tested out ShowAnytime with his recent presentation and not only was the wireless transfer quick and easy, ShowAnytime includes a built-in pointer. Granted, you can’t transfer the file from the app to another computer, but with the proper cables you’d be all set to display on a TV screen, smart board, or other display.

ShowAnytime does come with limitations, such as only supporting “PNG,” “WMF,” “JPEG” and “BMP” image files. The developer clearly states the app’s limitations, also including no support of complex AutoShapes and flowcharts, animation, and the estimated size limit restrictions. ShowAnytime is designed to deal in a 2 to 4 MB range for most users.

Once your file is loaded, you can easily connect to a screen with a composite AV cable and then control your presentation with a simple swipe. Notes that were added to the slides can be seen on screen below the slides on your device, while only the slide itself is displayed on the connected screen. Dot and arrow laser pointers are included for ease of presentation. All in all, it’s a relatively straightforward and simple to use application.

With an awareness and full disclosure by the developer of ShowAnytime limitations, it’s left up to the user to find the potential. Having had no end-user problems myself, I would definitely recommend grabbing ShowAnytime if there are any simple Power Point presentations in your near future. In fact, I’m pleased to have found it and am encouraging my kid to use it for his next school project.

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  • exNewt

    Well, I bought the App, and it may work for others, but I am having a bear of a time getting it to connect to my Mac laptop. It is unclear if I have to be:
    a) simply be on the same WiFi network
    b) share my Internet connection by making my laptop a WiFi hotspot
    c) setting up a device-to-device WiFi network and connecting my iPhone

    No matter what I do (and I rebooted - as is custom - after installing the App) I do not get beyond the Show Anytime startup screen. The Co-Gi-To website is not very helpful, this is all they say about connecting:

    First, connect your iPhone with PC/Mac by Wi-Fi before start "ShowAnytime".
    After "ShowAnytime" starts, tap "+" button.
    Input temporary password which to use connect from PC/Mac brawser, and tap "DONE" button.

  • Antonio Vieira

    Hi to everyone.

    I'm teacher and I use that App every day in my classes. it's the best App for my job, had some limitations that we can easily pass trough with some simplification in the ppts.

    10/10 value - do everything that is suppose in advertising, had limitations that are identify and don't try to be best that it is. Had until now (the time I had this App) two free updates that introduce new things.

    I never more have to take my 3 kg PC, and only have to take with me one simple cable and my Ipod Touch :)