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Silly Songz
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silly songz iphoneSilly Songz is a new app for the iPhone that allows users to select and send an original pre-recorded song as an electronic greeting that can also be customized with a 15-second recorded message of your own. The concept of Silly Songz, developed by Spazzles, is a pretty unique one. The pre-recorded songs cover a rather broad range of occasions — like the standard birthdays, anniversaries, and well wishes, but also includes titles to express more fortuitous sentiments like “I Don’t Like You Anymore,” “I’m Bored,” and “I Think You’re Hot.”

It needs to be noted that while iPod touch users can utilize the Silly Songz app and still send the songs whenever Wi-Fi connectivity is available, recording the personal message only works on the iPhone. While the personal recording is clearly a bonus feature, I can’t say that the inability to use it takes too much away from its use. It’s definitely part of the fun, fun that iPod touch users will miss out on,  but unless you really have something creative to say, it’s kind of like trying to struggle to invent a good outgoing message for your voice mail. If I were to use Silly Songz regularly, I would probably forgo the personal message in most instances anyway and just send the songs, which pretty much speak for themselves.

This initial release includes 30 songs and the developer has promised to provide more in future updates. Silly Songz does provide a unique way to send a greeting, but it is purely based on audio components, not visual ones. If you like creating electronic greetings with cute designs and pictures, you’re not going to get it with Silly Songz. However, much can be said through song and quite frankly, while some of the songs are kind of dumb, several of them are quite funny. Not in a comedic genius sort of way, but definitely humorous.

Since Silly Songz touts itself as a musical greeting card app, I was sort of expecting images. When the recipient of a silly song opens up their greeting, they are instructed to click on the Silly Songz icon to hear the song. It then launches the file in a Quick Time window and your chosen song, and personal recording if applicable plays. While the audio is good, the only thing the recipient sees is the giant “Q” and progress bar and here in lies the sad part. If an appropriate animation or even slide show accompanied the song, it would be a gold medal greeting card application. As it is, it doesn’t quite qualify as a card, just a customizable way to send audio files.

Also keep in mind that not all recipients will be able to hear your greetings. Recipients with iPhones will have no problems, but those trying to view it on their computer might. Recipients using computers with firewalls that strip everything down or that do not have Quick Time installed will not be able to load the page.

For a quick and easy way to send fun, personalized audio greetings to friends, Silly Songz delivers. I wouldn’t consider it to be the end-all-be-all of greeting e-cards, though it could come close if something visual could also be incorporated. As for providing access to funny and quirky songs that are quick and easy to send, Silly Songz is right on key.

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  • David Farmer

    Thanks for the great review! You read our minds. In an upcoming version, you will be able to have a photo added to the song. And, we have more tunes on the way! (So you know, if you do happen to have an iPod Touch, you may not be able to record, but you can add a text message to your e-mail quickly and easily.) These are studio-produced pieces of music that are simply incredible. You definately will not be dissappointed. We also have a link to download QuickTime immediately from the e-mail you send, making it easy for your recipients to take a simple side-step before listening.

    Thanks for the great review appcraver! Next update, we look forward to moving to your 10/10 section...

  • David Farmer

    Just to be clear, if you have an iPod Touch, you can write text into the E-MAIL that the song is sent in. Not a "text message" but rather text into an e-mail to be clear. Phew! Hopefully that is more clear! Sorry folks!

  • David

    This app is now only $.99. And at that price, a true value and steal!