Simplify Media - not Quite Ready for Prime Time


Simplify media is a combination desktop / iPhone app that allows you to connect to your entire music collection (includling songs that you haven't uploaded to your iPhone), as well as your friends music collections as long as

(1) you are connected via wifi
(2) your simplify desktop application (similar to an im) is running
(3) any friend who you wish to share music with has the desktop app up and running

The app is currently free (the company says they will increase the price to $3.99 once they hit 100,000 users).

Now I love the idea of sharing playlists with friends and listening to their music, but after playing with this app for over 2 hours, i am convinced that it is inherently unstable and could very well completely crash your iPhone (it crashed mine). I don't like the fact that app requires a desktop add on, and wifi. This is clearly a workaround for sharing playlists; it is rumorred that Apple will soon build in similar functionality into the next version of Itunes anyways. Stay away from "Simplify".

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  • Don Mortadella

    Well, it is - also! - very usable with 3G and it streams with no flaws what so ever at my iPhone. I do find it one of the best killer apps around. It simply opens up an almost unlimited world (up to 30 friends, that is) of music, and saves a lot of space on your iPhone. It also gives you info of the artist and the songtext when needed.

    The only drawback it is depended on the strength of the 3G coverage when out in the open. But even then when there is a moment of no coverage it is able to keep on playing the music, because of a extensive buffering, untill the coverage is back.

    So, I give it an 9 out of 10.

    And i think that grade is more worth yours because I extensively USED and TESTED the app.

    With Love,

    Don Mortadella