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Simply Postcards
Developer: Adam Fried
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If you travel frequently or are an avid iPhone photographer, Simply Postcards is an app worth checking out. The idea is simple – using photos you take with your iPhone camera or stored in your photo library, use Simply Postcards to create a real, tangible, custom postcard that can be mailed to anyone, anywhere. The cost of a postcard starts at $1.00 and is paid for with a credit card or PayPal account, which users set up through their Simply Postcards account.

The best part about trying Simply Postcards is the app is free and new users get to send their first postcard for free. That means it costs you nothing to try their service and see if it works for you. Simply Postcards prints, applies postage, and mails the postcards you send within 24-48 hours and you don’t have to hassle with a printer or photo service while vacationing. Seems to me a custom postcard mailed to friends or family with a few quick taps of your phone is about as easy as it gets.

I can attest to the ease of creating an account and the quick setup and creation of a simple post card. You can select from six different fonts for the text used to write a personal message and you can store the addresses of up to eight recipients for even faster sending. Other features include the ability to add frames and perform minor edits to the selected photo.

The developer sent a postcard to AppCraver headquarters and, although App Store user reviews appear mixed,  the quality of the postcard we received was quite good. The paper and print quality is about what you would expect to get from a print-on-demand postcard—in other words, better than you think it will be as long as you don't think it will be equal to what you'd buy in the store.

I'd be happy using this app for quick and easy holiday cards or thank you notes as mentioned by other users. For me, though, Simply Postcards' best feature is that it can be used anytime, anywhere to send real postcards from the iPhone. It sure beats sending someone an electronic postcard.

The potential to create really cool, unique postcards is there, especially if you use photos created in your favorite photography app. It's difficult to say how much variance from basic photography the end print service will accept with accuracy, but it's absolutely worth a try.  While there are few highly rated and maybe more sophisticated print-service postcard apps available for a price, the ability to try a full-featured one for free is a great place to start—Simply Postcards will even send your first postcard for free.

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    Create and Send Real Postcards with Simply Postcards >Stellar idea. Why didn't I think of that?

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    Nice! But I love to send real postcards from places I were or from places I would like to travel to. Hawaii is such a place. At I could send a handwritten real hawaiian postcard to a friend and it was stamped in honolulu. perhaps this is interesting for you too.