Six Book Cases for iPad That Deserve Space on Your Shelf


Switching from hard cover books to ebooks means more than just having to re-buy your entire collection of Nancy Drew mystery novels. For many bibliophiles it feels like the end of an era. Reading may be considered a brainy activity, but it's also a tangible experience—from the feel of the paper and the weight in your hand to that distinctive smell that comes as our favorite books age. The move to digital means letting go of a big part of what makes books books.

There is a need to be filled here, and iPad case makers have carved out a nice niche with book-quality cases that look and feel just like the real thing. Here are a few of our favorite book-style iPad cases that will make you happy to be a bookworm.

Handmade in San Francisco, the DODOcase uses traditional book-binding techniques to make iPad cases inspired by artists' journals—ie: moleskin notebooks. With a cover that exactly matches the aforementioned notebook, the DODOcase also has an elastic strap to keep it closed during transport. Open this case to reveal an eye-catching red fabric interior that adds a touch of sophistication to the simple exterior. The inside tray is carved from eco-friendly bamboo with cutouts for easy access to all the ports. Like most cases, the cover folds back to create a stand for reading or playing with your 'Pad. These iPad cases run about $60 or you can order a gift certificate for $65.

The Case, Vol. 3 is a bindery-style book case. Pad and Quill's current incarnation retains the multi-functional details from the original—exclusive features such as a patent-pending "sound-amplifying" channel to magnify speaker output, and a "bookmark" that adds to the realistic look and makes it easier to remove your iPad from the precision-engineered birch tray. Additional features include a choice of onyx black or journal brown covers, a snazzy red interior and improvements to the spine making it easier to fold the cover all the way for viewing on flat surfaces. If the devil is in the details, then Pad and Quill is positively sinful! And, at about $60, it's not even the most expensive book on the shelf.

BOOK is the only case we found that featured a sleeve on the inside. In combination with with the outer hard shell, the tailored sleeve adds another layer of protection for your iPad. BOOK is also one of the few case-makers that specifically mentions using sustainable, natural materials. This is a nice touch, especially for people that are switching to ebooks to save trees. Starting at around $100 (more for a personalized cover), BOOK is at the more expensive end of the price range, but if secure and sustainable are your criteria then BOOK fits the bill.

Another classic notebook-style case, the Portenzo products are different because they come in several colors. Choose from classic black and red interior, bright orange with green apple or mix and match from several textures and colors for a custom combination. Portenzo's bamboo trays have an option to add a holder for your stylus and feature a "proprietary corner system" that the company claims is more secure than other books. Decide for yourself in their video as they try to shake the iPad free from its case. Notebook cases cost around $60. Limited edition "exotics" with Lambskin, Stingray or Ostrich-skin covers vary in price from $90-$200.

We've talked about the BookBook case for iPad before. Along with its vintage looks, this case feels as if you're holding a real book, beacuse in many ways you are. The real piece de resistance is the distressed cover, which makes this iPad case not just a book but a well-loved book. It's the design that looks like you've owned it for years. Grab a similar cover for your Macbook and no one will be the wiser when you carry your collection to and from the library.

Think these book are too expensive? After all, they don't even have any words! If you're not willing to spend the big bucks, there is a cheaper alternative. For about $10 you can make your own booksafe case using these instructions from

Are you ready to take your iPad old school with a book-style case or do you favor a more modern case to house your iPad?

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