Skateropolis Is For Boarders to Skitch and Sk8

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

skateropolis-skatepark-directory-iphoneSkateropolis is a reference guide to 2,400 skate parks in the US and connects fans of the sport so they can comment on the venues they visit and view and post videos.

Tap the Featured, Near Me or Search icon on the bottom menu bar to pop up a list of sk8parks. Scroll the list, select the park that interests you most, and you’ll arrive at screen where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know: The sk8park’s location on a map, its surface, whether it has bowls, cradles or snakes and other features. You can also add and view ratings for each park.

Registering with Skateropolis, developed by Ethervision, either via the app or the Skateropolis Web site, will pay off with added features such as the ability to swap messages with friends or members of your local group, “skitch” them just as you would on Twitter, post comments about each sk8park and best of all, add and view pictures and YouTube videos by other app users using your iPhone or iPod touch.

Nearly all the content resides on the Skateropolis Web site — just how fast you'll get the content you're after will depend on the network you’re using. I didn’t try using EDGE (What’s the point?) but Wi-Fi was Wi-Fine.

The app will be partially ad-supported, it appears, although there are no ads that I can see. There there are “sponsor a skate park” banners at the top of each screen and if you tap one you’ll receive a pitch to become an advertiser. I have no idea whether ad-support will affect the app’s $2.99 price tag assuming Skateropolis succeeds in getting advertisers.

This app is intuitive enough to use that you really don’t need much , if any, help to figure it out. However, if you do get stuck, there’s a thorough video walkthrough that will quickly put you on the right track.

The last time I was on a skateboard was a few months ago. I worried so much about breaking my neck, I dropped my old, beat board into a dumpster.

Those days are gone but the app appealed to me regardless. Skateropolis uses some of the best teach and social media features of the iPhone and if I were years younger, it would be living on my handheld.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Randall

    Thank you for the great review. We put our blood, sweats and cold winter months into creating this app. By skaters for skaters.

    For the next skater who stumbles across this post, here is a free promo code for the app.