Skizzle With Your Photos and Solve Your Personal Puzzle


skizzle iphone appDo you remember those childhood games using a scrambled picture with one block missing? Basically, the idea of the game was to unscramble the blocks and the photo comes together. Skizzle is a similar "unscramble the photo" game that uses the photos on your iPhone.

Skizzle takes a photo from your photo library, or you can search for one online, and scrambles it into pieces. The difficulty levels — easy, medium and hard — determine the number of pieces that you have to unscramble. Skizzle provides an options page to adjust settings such as difficulty and sound.

Skizzle also includes an instructions page right on the application. That's a relief because more and more apps are storing their help section on the internet, which makes it time-consuming to find assistance.

In addition to solving your customized puzzles, you can also share a photo with a friend and let them try to unscramble the puzzle. I love applications that allow you to get your iPhone friends involved.

I was checking out all of the reviews on the applications page and I have yet to see a review below four stars.  People just seem to love this game. Skizzle also comes in a Lite version so you can see if you like it before plunking down $1.99. With the Lite version, you don't get the advanced options of searching for photos online or sharing your photos with friends.

Skizzle and Skizzle Lite are great games to play for relaxation. I found the process to have a meditative effect. Puzzle-lovers will enjoy Skizzle after a long day at work or while the kids are taking a nap.

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  • Nessa

    This is a fun idea! It actually reminds me very much of my game, Scratch-It, which is a scratch and solve game with photos! If you like Skizzle, give my game a try! :) Nice game by the way Andrew!

  • kkstern

    I Love scratch-it! I'm surprised anyone else knew of it

  • JoshPratt79

    Is this a kid's toy?