Sky Cowing Proves an Enjoyable Game That Won't Cost the Farm

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Sky Cowing
Developer: Monkey Cube Interactive S.A.S.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Sky CowingIn case you ever wondered, cows DO skydive – at least they do in Monkey Cube Interactive’s breakout app for iPhone. A fun, silly little game featuring a free-falling, free-spirited cow, Sky Cowing is a great addition to any library of time-killing, quick-playing games. What started out as a single-mode game at release quickly expanded to dual modes and it will be worthwhile to see if another follows. Whichever mode is played, Sky Cowing is all about accumulating points by guiding the cow to certain objects during her free-falling adventure.

Sky Cowing controls are quite simple and achieved by tilting the device from side to side. In each mode there are items to seek out and items to avoid. Cowing in the Wind mode features “good food” and “bad food” as point sources and items like bottled helium and bloomers that change the speed or direction the cow falls. Avoid the lead anvil as this will accelerate cow into a plummeting free fall with less time to react. Switching over to Cowing in a Dream mode, cow simply collects sequences of white daisies while seeking out bonus multipliers and avoiding the blackened daisies that break chains. In this mode, other items pop into view that will change cow’s size or agility if acquired.

Sky Cowing is a simple pick-up-and-play game with a charming back story and some humorous elements to provide depth. Though the tilt of the device determines the direction of free fall, the inclusion of items that affect agility, direction, and speed are a subtle insert that adds interest. Combined with other elements like twangy banjo-like background music (and mooing) and delightful animation, Sky Cowing is a well-rounded, simple and casual game. Players compete against their own previous high scores, but also have the option of competing for Game Center leader boards and achievements.

Even though Sky Cowing is not the least bit complex, it is a fun (and kind of addicting) game that is well-suited to passing the time and has everything a quick, casual game should have. It isn’t hard to just start playing, but complete instructions are included just in case and players can also visit the “Farm Stuff” pages for a bit of Sky Cowing back story. Additional modes and in-game achievements would make this game near perfect but Sky Cowing is still an enjoyable find for just a buck – and that’s no bull.

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