SkyCoaster 3D Not Quite a Joyride

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

SkyCoaster 3D - Perhaps you are a huge roller coaster fan and can't wait for that next trip on Space Mountain. Or maybe you are so afraid of heights that ladders make your palms sweat. Either way, SkyCoaster 3D might be what you need. It offers a virtual roller coaster ride through a variety of backgrounds that you get to choose.

Most of the actual "doing" with this app occurs on the settings page. There are seven different backgrounds to choose from for your roller coaster ride; ranging from ocean sunset to Death Valley or deep space. The finished coaster floats in the sky (hence the app's name). Despite this challenge to the laws of physics this helps devote screen real estate to the imagery available. There is also an option for viewing the ride in "high quality," though there was not much noticeable difference between this and the standard mode. The options also offer a tweaking of the height, acceleration, downward spiral, and other features of the roller coaster.

After playing with the settings it is time for your ride. No need to really hold on to your seat, though. The ride can be in a traditional sitting where the track is below you, or as if you were on one of those crazy stand up and hang from the bottom of the track rides. Either way, the camera moves quickly through the corkscrews, spins, drops, and loop-the-loops that are part of the track. It may not make you motion sick, but dizziness shouldn't be ruled out for staring at the fast moving ride on-screen for too long.

Despite some nice graphics, in the end SkyCoaster 3D is not likely to hold your attention for all that long. The roller coaster designing is not that in-depth, and the ride is not too riveting. This app probably could be stronger if it focused more on the construction of a killer roller coaster; giving the user the options to put in multi-story drops or crazy loops would at least allow for putting one's stamp on it. In the end it has its moments but loses appeal rather quickly.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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