Sleek makes the Serpent Move Smoothly

Sleek (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Ivan Galic
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

sleek iphoneZagreb-based developer Ivan Galic's first iPhone app Sleek is a great addition to the snake games on the iOS platform. With fitting music, good sound effects and easy-to-use, responsive controls, Sleek will glue any Snake lover to their iPhone.

Originally priced at $1.99, the developer lowered the price tag on Sleek to $0.99, putting it in the same price category with other Snake clones like Anaconda. But unlike competitors, Sleek offers more detailed and complex animation, making this a very good-looking serpent game.

Sleek features music, good sound effects and a high-scores board and is truly addictive, like any Snake game should be. In a recent Appcraver interview, developer Ivan Galic told us that they are working on their next game. Judging by Sleek, it will be a new app to look forward to.

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  • Derek Moore

    This app is great, but I still think it should be free

  • kgbjk

    great sound effects on this one

  • Roxy22

    Go read the interview with the developer of this game. It's very interesting